Why Does My Lorex Security Camera Say No Signal?

If your Lorex camera exhibit No Signal then it can be troublesome for you as your family’s safety will be at stake till it is not getting back on working mode. The reasons can be various that can cause no signal issue but sorting them on time is also necessary. In this blog you will get to know about the causes and the solution to make your Lorex camera setup working effectively again.

  1. Loose connections can often cause this problem. Check all the linking wires whether of the adapter, camera, or of the router as well. Make sure there must not be even single loose connection otherwise you will face the connectivity issue. If any wire is damaged then immediately replace it with new and sound one.
  2. Next thing you might check is the power outlets because if there will be the issue in power sources that can definitely prevent camera from working and it will show offline status. Check all the power equipment like power adapter, sockets and power cables that you are using for power connection. If any socket is loose then it can have power circuit and can also harm your camera. Try changing the socket and also make sure that there are no power fluctuation issues.
  3. Sometimes camera positioning can also cause this issue, the distance between your camera and wifi router can contribute in this matter, for the camera access your device must be in the range of wifi router and also make sure no electrical device is creating any hindrance and creating issue with camera signal. You can solve router signal issue in two ways either try shifting your device nearer or get install the wifi extender and link it with your camera so that camera can easily catch the wifi signal.
  4. Camera positioning can also be the cause of no signal as there can be obstacle like trees or heavy appliances. Try adjusting or changing the camera placement. If your camera model is wireless then too it can get interrupted because of electronic devices. To solve this, you can relocate these devices temporarily or you can change the wireless channel of your router for better signal quality.
  5. Extreme weather conditions can also cause such kind of issues. If there are storms, heavy rain, snow or any other environmental cause that can cause signal issue or the hardware damage to your device. The solution for this is when you install your camera try weatherproofing it to avoid these kinds of issues. For the physical damage you can contact manufacturer if it is under warranty and get it changed.
  6. If your camera’s firmware is outdated then update it as soon as you can because firmware updates can resolve any potential risk and cause that can stop your camera from working with no signal issue.
  7. If you are using DVR or NVR as recording devices then check the compatibility of these two with your camera because this can create signal issue. Go through the user guide to check compatibility.

End thoughts

If your issue dosen’t get resolved then contact lorexitech.com for solution and get further resolution by talking to their technical experts.