Setting up Your Lorex Device With Amazon Alexa

Setting up Your Lorex Device With Amazon Alexa

Integration of security systems with voice-activated assistants has grown in popularity in the age of the smart home. Thanks to advancements in technology, house owners can now easily operate and keep an eye on their security cameras using gadgets like Amazon Alexa. Lorex is a well-known company recognised for its trustworthy security products. To improve your home security and make monitoring even easier, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up your Lorex device with Amazon Alexa in this blog.
Understanding why merging your Lorex device with Amazon Alexa may revolutionise your home security is crucial before we get started with the setup:

Steps for Configuring Your Lorex with Alexa

Now that you are aware of the advantages, let’s go through how to connect your Lorex security system to Amazon Alexa:

  • To begin with, confirm that your Lorex device is Alexa compatible. The majority of current Lorex systems enable this integration, however it’s crucial to confirm with your particular model.
  • Fix the Lorex Home app on your manoeuvre after transferring it. To link your Lorex system with Amazon, utilise this app.
  • Use the Lorex app and generate one. Complete the Lorex camera setup by trailing the app’s instructions.
  1. Unveil the Alexa app on your device.
  2. The “Devices” label may be discovered in the lowest right angle.
  3. To add a device, tap the “+” symbol.
  4. Opt for “Camera” under device type.
  5. Look it up and choose “Lorex Home.”
  • To connect your Lorex Home account to Amazon Alexa, adhere to the directions on the screen and also complete the Lorex login.
  • As soon as your accounts are allied, tell Alexa to “Discover devices.” Your Lorex cameras will be added to your device list when Alexa searches for them.
  • You may use voice requests like “Alexa, show me the front door camera” or “Alexa, turn on the backyard camera” once your Lorex cameras have been identified.
  • With your Lorex cameras, you can programme personalised Alexa routines to automate particular tasks. For instance, you might programme Alexa to activate exterior cameras whenever you say, “Alexa, I’m leaving.”
  • Once everything is set up, you can enjoy the ease of using Amazon Alexa to check on your Lorex cameras. You always have instant access to your security feeds, whether you’re at home or abroad.


To improve home security and make your life easier, integrating your Lorex security system with Amazon Alexa is a wise choice. You may have voice-controlled access to your camera feeds with just a few easy steps, which will provide you greater convenience and peace of mind. Don’t wait, trail these instructions, and use this seamless integration to upgrade your home security and in difficulty contact us.