Lorex Home for PC - How to Install on Windows PC, Mac

Lorex Home for PC - How to Install on Windows PC, Mac

The variety of cameras that Lorex offers is widely acknowledged for being simple for consumers to access and operate these cameras from their smartphones or computers. After purchasing your Lorex camera, connecting it to your computer will be the first and foremost task. You can perform this connectivity by signing in to your Lorex account. If you’re seeking instructions for Lorex home login for pc, this page will provide detailed instructions on how you can log in to your LOrex account from your PC.

  • First, you must install the Lorex Cloud Client software using the CD that was shipped with your DVR. However to proceed further and to install it, you must download the program from the Lorex Desktop software download web page.
  • After the installation has been completed, proceed to launch the Lorex Cloud Client program.
  • Here, you will be addressed to enter a password. After generating the password, select “next” from the menu and click on it.
  • Now after you create a password for Lorex home login for pc, log in to the Lorex camera using the encrypted password you set, and then click the Lorex login button to login into the account.
  • To continue, you must select “Add” from the options that are shown at the top.
  • Now that you’ve clicked “add,” you’ll be prompted to enter the information for your DVR or NVR. Click “Save” after completing all the required fields and “Continue.”
  • So, after adding your device, you may effortlessly observe it from your computer.
  • This program makes it simple to install all of your cameras and enables you to track and control your system with accuracy.

How to proceed when a Lorex password is forgotten?

Password forgetfulness is one of the most frequent online mistakes that Lorex users face while logging in to the Lorex account. If you’re unable to recall your password for the Lorex home login for pc, the only thing you are required to do is reset it again by following these straightforward directions.


  • Your recorder’s (Lorex Home App) passcode has to be reset.
  • After that, you can reset simply by adhering to the guidelines in the email that is sent to you.
  • The temporary password may be retrieved by accessing your email.
  • Then, to log into Lorex.com, in the field for Old Password, type the password you just created.

How can I fix the offline issue I have with my Lorex camera?

Although the Lorex camera has been chosen for its durability, consistency, accessibility, and security features still periodically certain numbers of customers do see the error message “Lorex offline”, while connecting their Lorex camera. So, if you’re struggling with attempting to figure out why your Lorex security camera isn’t working and how to fix it,


  • “Re-add your Lorex camera” is the first step towards repairing your problem.
  • Verify the login information for the Lorex security cameras and double-check that you are inputting the correct Lorex.com login information.
  • Remain focused on the camera’s battery. before connecting a Lorex camera, confirm that it is completely charged.
  • Never overlook the gap that is try keeping an appropriate distance in between the camera and the router for secure and stable communication.

Final words

You may perform Lorex home login for pc with confidence by complying with the instructions. Implementing the troubleshooting methods will assist you in resolving any difficulties, whether they are related to Lorex home login, Lorex camera login, or any other Lorex login issues. But If you are still finding it challenging to set up the Lorex camera, you may get in reach with our Lorex camera support staff. With their helpful assistance, our skilled technicians will aid you in setting up your account and installing the camera.