Lorex camera setup - A smart choice for your safety

Many users are concerned about family safety because you can’t always be at home to protect your belongings and loved ones. Lorex home app setup acts as your third eye, providing smart home security indoors and outdoors, high-quality camera resolution, clear night vision, a two-way walk, a spotlight, and a siren. Therefore, if you are looking to install a Lorex camera to improve security for everything from a professional business to your home, Lorex is the ideal security solution for you. Whether you are looking for the best guide on Lorex device setup, this page provides it all. Right guidance not only makes your life easier but it also saves your whole day.

Lorex camera setup

Lorex Camera Setup Steps

Following the correct Lorex setup guide will help you with Lorex security cameras wireless setup when you are troubleshooting Lorex IP camera setup and planning about Lorex wifi camera setup. Lorex cameras have become the most prioritized choice of the users because of the features they own. These cameras can be reliably connected to Network Video Recorder (NVR) and provide professional 4K recording and Smart Motion Detection with the help of Lorex setup wizard. Undoubtedly, like other professional cameras, Lorex camera reliably works on a Lorex wifi camera setup, besides this you can also use Lorex camera offline. If you are facing the Lorex IP camera setup issues and are looking for the Lorex setup guide then here in this article you will get a complete guide on Lorex camera setup and Lorex.com login. For setting up the Lorex IP camera setup please follow the given points:-

  • First, you have to right-click on the live view, which will further help you to access the quick view.
  • Secondly, search and click on the “device search option”.
  • After this, the third step you need to follow is to do Lorex device login by filling in your administrator login credentials. Further, for your default Username and Password simply refer to your user manual. When you are done with this, after some time you will see the system will automatically search the network of compatible cameras.
  • Now select and click on the camera that you want to add, in case if the camera doesn’t appear in the search results you need to detach the camera for 30 seconds and then reconnect it again.
  • Hereafter, when you see that the camera is connected, click “add”, now when you view that the status indicator has turned green then that means the camera is finally connected.
  • You can look for saving the changes once it’s done.
Lorex Camera Setup Steps

This is the complete Lorex security cameras wireless setup, if in case you see that your camera is connected and you cannot see green light then the factory reset is the suitable solution.

Ways to reset Lorex camera

Almost all the Lorex IP cameras have a reset button that enables you to reset your Lorex camera and you can easily do it by just pressing the button. But if your camera does not have a reset button and you need to reset your Lorex camera IP setup to default settings then you can perform it by following the complete guide below:-

Ways to reset Lorex camera​
  • Be sure that your Lorex camera is correctly connected to the NVR through the Ethernet cable.
  • Secondly, by using your finger, press and hold the back of the camera.
  • Based on your camera, if you cannot find the reset button located on the back of your camera then you can follow the user manual guide.
  • When you find the button, firstly press it and then disconnect the ethernet cable and then again connect it. Hereafter, don’t leave the button for 15 seconds.
  • Now, release the button after 15 seconds and then recheck the camera settings and then restart. However, the restart step may take a couple of minutes.

Ways to link Lorex Wireless Camera setup to Phone

Well other issues that a user can face while doing the Lorex camera setup is when trying to link Lorex device setup to their phone. If you cannot connect your Lorex camera to your phone and is looking for ways on how to connect Lorex camera to phone then you must follow the given instructions:-

  1. First and foremost, you must have the Lorex app installed on your device. If not then the first step for Lorex wireless camera setup is to install the Lorex home app first.
  2. Second step is to open this app and navigate to the “Devices” on the screen and then click on the icon “Add Device”. This step will enable you to add a Lorex camera to the app and then to your smartphone.
  3. Now using your smartphone simply scan the QR code of your Lorex wifi. In case your phone is not able to scan the code then manually enter the device id otherwise be informed whether the LED is flashing green and whether you are on the right path of Lorex setup wizard.
  1. Hereafter, enable your app to establish wifi connection through the Lorex camera.
  2. On initiating the last step, you will be asked to enter the login credentials.
  3. After setting the strong password, choose the right wifi network from the list of networks and enter the login credentials to make the connection.
  4. Now again, make sure that you heard the camera chime and that the LED is solid green.
  5. Following this select a name for your Lorex camera from the list of predefined names.
  6. Then, tap on “Complete” to execute the process of Lorex setup.

Steps to connect Lorex camera to WiFi

In comparison to other cameras, the Lorex wifi setup is the easiest and fastest process only if you follow the right instructions. You might face the Lorex device setup issues only in the case when you are connecting the camera to wifi for the first time or you are constantly changing from one wifi connection to another. No matter, what you are upto but with these simple understandable steps you can easily execute the Lorex wifi setup process:-

connect Lorex camera to Wifi

How to change WiFi on Lorex camera

Are you planning to change wifi for a Lorex camera? Then you are at the right place. Follow these steps below:-

change wifi on lorex camera
  • To unlock the camera hotspot, press and hold the Reset button once for a few seconds.
  • Open the Lorex app on your phone, then choose the device settings icon.
  • Then scroll down your device and select the “Wireless Network” option.
  • Select the “Next” option on the same page.
  • Tap join to connect with the temporary Wi-Fi network.
  • Allow your device to attach to Device Hotspot first.
  • Now you have to enter “Device Password” to continue this process and tap on Next option.
  • Now choose the permanent Wi-Fi Network to connect with your devices, and tap the “Connect” option.
  • Type your current Wi-Fi password and then select the “Connect” button.
  • You will notice the camera LED light turn into dark green and then select the ‘Next’ option to complete this process.


To set up the lorex wireless camera you need to install the Lorex app on your phone and create an account. Using the Lorex app you can access and manage the lorex camera wifi settings easily. Then allow the Lorex app to establish connection with Wi-Fi directly to your camera. For the set by step guidance you can check our website.

The answer is Yes. To configure the system, you must have a monitor connected to the DVR to set up the system. Then you can enjoy the camera footage without connecting to the internet.

Yes, you can change the wifi connection to modify the wifi setting through the Lorex home app. Simply ensure that your wifi is turned on at the time you are transferred to the new wifi connection, and also that your camera is still within wifi signal range.

You can face multiple technical errors while the lorex camera is not connecting to wifi. You need to verify if your camera is plugged into the wall socket properly or not. Otherwise unplug the camera and leave it for 1-2 minutes unplugged. Then plug in back and wait a few moments while the camera comes back online. If still not connecting to wifi you can ask technical experts to fix this issue.

Due to incorrect password you can’t login into Lorex camera. But there are many reasons you can’t login to Lorex cameras, like your wifi signals are weak or your camera is facing other technical issues. Don’t worry, contact Technical Support for a reset password.

The Lorex home app is completely free for both Android and iOS users. So you can install without any doubt on your device and can view live video or voice recording from your security cameras. Despite the fact that you can change the camera settings no matter where you are. Also you can ask our technical team to assist you.

There are three Lorex camera app for users i.e. Lorex Cloud, Lorx Home, and Lorex Cirrus. You can also reach out Lorex Technical team for further assistance.


In case you are not getting your way to make a lorex wireless connection or you are still struggling to connect the lorex camera to wifi then feel free to connect with the lorex camera support team who is always ready to help you and guide you in all possible ways.