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Lorex Camera Login

Being in the industry for the past 25 Years, Lorex is one of the most recognized and trusted names among the best cameras. Besides its top-class security facilities, its cost-effective range and ease of installation are other much-loved features that are loved by its customers. If you are looking for a Lorex camera login then install its app on your device and sign in by filling your required details. After Lorex home login you will be able to connect your Lorex security camera to your device. Lorex login can be done with the easy steps given below:-

  • Firstly, install the Lorex Client 11 software on your PC.
  • Then you will see the IP Address field, Lorex sign in, enter the local IP address or DNS of your DVR.
  • Now, enter the username for Lorex.com login, if you don’t have your login credentials then follow the Lorex sign-in process before logging in.
  • Thereafter, enter your password.
  • Further, enter the client Port value however the default client Port value is (9000).
  • Now click on login to finish the Lorex camera login process.
Lorex Camera Setup

How to view Lorex Camera on PC?

Lorex is widely known for availing the type of camera that its users can easily access and can control from their mobile devices or Pcs. Once you have purchased your Lorex camera after that you can simply connect it to your PC by completing the Lorex sign in and lorex login process. If you are looking for the guide for Lorex home login for pc and the right steps on how you can view your Lorex camera remotely or whether it is possible for you to do Lorex login from computer then this article will answer all your queries in detail.

  • Firstly, by using the CD that came with your DVR you have to install the Lorex Cloud Client software. However, the software has to be installed from the Lorex Desktop software download page.
  • After you complete the installation process, simply click on the Lorex Cloud Client software.
  • Here you will be asked to create a password. After creating the password click on the “next” button.
  • Now enter the strong password that you created for the Lorex camera login and further hit on the lorex login icon.
  • Moving forward, from the options that are available on the top you have to click on “Add”.
  • Now after clicking on the ” add”  you will be asked to fill in the details of your DVR/NVR and tab on “Save” and then “Continue”.
  • Well, once your device has been added you can now successfully view it from your computer.
  • Using this software you can easily  add all your cameras and can reliably  track and manage from your system.
View Lorex Camera On PC

How to troubleshoot my Lorex camera offline problem?

Though the Lorex camera is prioritized for its security features and is being opted for its reliability and accessibility, sometimes while connecting this camera a number of users get an error message of “Lorex offline”. Well, if you are looking for the reason why your Lorex security camera is offline and how to fix this then this article will explain it all.


As a user you must be aware that there can be a number of reasons such as the low battery, Lorex camera login and sign-in issues, using wrong Lorex com login credentials, internet connectivity issues, the distance of the router from the camera, and some others that keeps your Lorex offline. But, by following these troubleshooting steps, you can fix the Lorex camera offline error:-

Lorex Camera Setup


The first step towards fixing your error is "Re-add your Lorex camera"


Check the Lorex security cameras login details and make sure that you are entering the right Lorex.com login details.


Keep an eye on the battery of the camera, and be sure that your battery is fully charged usually when you perform Lorex camera connectivity.


Never neglect the distance between the camera and the router, place the camera close to the router for easy connectivity.

What to do when forgot lorex password

forgot lorex password
  • If you have forgotten your Lorex camera login password then what you need to do is to reset the password again and for that you just need to follow these simple instructions.
  • Reset the passcode on your recorder (Lorex Home App).
  • Following this we can reset by sending instructions on the attached email to your account.
  • Open your email and retrieve the temporary password.
  • After entering your new password, enter the temporary password in the Old Password field for lorex.com login.

How to find Lorex device password?

If you are searching for how to get the Lorex  Device password then we have mentioned some steps here to help you regarding the same. How to get to your gadget’s secret password on the Lorex Cirrus application:-

Things to consider if the Lorex home app is not working?

If your Lorex home app is not working or crashing and if you are not able to access it then the most possible reason can be the huge amount of cache, for the working of the app you have to clear it. We can resolve the issues using the given instructions:-

  • We need to start with opening the settings on the phone.
  • Find apps and click on them. Now find the Lorex home and clear cache.
You can try these steps if the results are desirable:
  • For temporary loading issues you need to close the app completely and then open it again.
  • You can give it a try by restarting your device as well.
  • Drain your phone battery completely until it went off and then fully charge it and only after switching it on.
Lorex Camera home app is not working

Does Lorex home app work on PC?

You can easily operate the Lorex home app on your phone, macbook and PC. The Lorex software is designed in a way that it can be used on PC and on other systems as well. Lorex app works with Lorex cloud client and Lorex client 13 both are different software’s. These are compatible with PCs which help you to access and monitor without any trouble. For access on the phone, you have to download Lorex’s compatible mobile app and then complete lorex com login.


The Lorex security cameras login can be assuredly done by following the given steps. Be it Lorex home login  or Lorex camera login issues or any other Lorex login issues, following the troubleshooting steps will help you to fix the errors. In case, you are still facing a problem while performing the setup then you can contact our Lorex camera support team. Our technical experts will help you to implement the process with their supportive assistance.