How To Reset The Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera Using The WPS/ Reset Button?

How To Reset The Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera Using The WPS/ Reset Button?

The modern version of Lorex that is wire-free security camera are like an additional layer for the protection of your family or business place and you can monitor everything you want in those places remotely. If your Lorex wire-free camera is having some issue then you must find the exact solution and when nothing works then choose reset option to get your camera on working mode again. With the assistance of this blog, you can effortlessly know and execute the reset process.

What is the need of resetting the Lorex camera?

  • If your camera is having connectivity issue, froze video feeds or other working problems then you might need to apply the reset.
  • When you are reselling your camera or if you are changing to some other residence then you have to reset your camera.
  • When you want to change the network of your camera then also you have to apply the reset only then you can configure to new wifi settings.
  • When someone has tried to intrude your camera access so to maintain the security you have to reset it and configure the lorex camera setup again.

Steps to reset lorex camera using the WPS button

  • First find the WPS/reset button on the camera. it can have name label or it might be near the base of the camera. camera must be powered on or fully charged for this process.
  • Push the button with the help if some pin edge object as it is usually placed inside a tiny hole and hold it for some time. When the LED start blinking on the camera or changed its colour then you can release the button.
  • It will take few seconds for the camera to reach back to its default settings. Be sure that the process must not be interrupted.
  • Now you have to reconfigure the setup again. including the wifi setup and customising the settings.

Reconfiguring Lorex camera

  • For Lorex camera’s wifi setup you must comprehend the setup and lorex account syncing with the help of Lorex app.
  • You need to provide the login details in order to complete the network setup and settings.
  • Go to the add device option in app and add your camera. you can add it by scanning the code or can manually enter its model number.
  • For the convenience you can also name it.
  • Then in the wifi section choose the wifi network you want to connect your camera with.
  • After the successful network setup, you can customise the camera settings.
  • Enable the security features like motion detectors, sensors, other security protocols and also enable the notification and alerts.

Final thoughts

If you want to reset your Lorex camera for the above given reasons then you can do it easily by trailing the steps of procedure and if you face any difficulty then you can visit our website or contact Lorex camera support for assistance and troubleshooting advice.