Tips For Effortless Lorex Camera System Login

Tips For Effortless Lorex Camera System Login

If you have the Lorex camera purchased for the security purpose then it is important to be able to execute Lorex camera system login effortlessly. This blog will be helpful for all Lorex camera users doesn’t matter whether you are a new or already a user.

  • To start the process, you must be well familiarized with its all components. Get the details of your camera model, its NVR, compatible software or app and beforehand create the Lorex account so that you won’t face any delay in login because of this.
  • If you are new user then first get the app downloaded from the app store of your device. To create the account, you can also access it through Lorex IP or web address with the help of your device web browser. Though after reaching on the login page rest of the steps are similar with app’s account creation.
  • Open the app, scroll down and click on the create account or on the sign-up option, it will ask you for your email address, enter and you will receive a code of verification on your registered email. Using that code, you can create the username and password.
  • Make it certain that you are creating unique and strong login details. Comprehend the process of login with Lorex home app.
  • In the app with the help of add device option add your camera, it will offer you two ways either scanning the code or manual method for entering the camera series number.
  • Opting between these two options is completely user’s choice, the Lorex camera login process is completed now you have to establish the wifi connection, for that open the wifi section of your device choose the same network your device is connected to.
  • Enter the network name and password to establish the connectivity with your camera, now you can mount the camera to complete the camera setup and then return to the app to access the camera settings.
  • With the Lorex home app you can alter the setting according to your convenience. Enable the security features so that your camera access can remain safe from any intruder.
  • Check the live feed and also examine the settings you have made. If you are using the NVR system then make sure it is well connected to the wifi network and to the cameras as well.
  • While using the NVR make sure it must be in straight line view with the camera, update the camera firmware if available to make sure the smooth camera working.
  • Check the IP and port settings, this is important for secure connection and remote access. Regularly clear the cache for the smooth operating of camera as these caches can interrupt the login process.
  • To add an additional layer of protection for your camera login you must enable the 2FA that is two factor authentication so that if someone try to login into your account then you will be notified with a code.
  • Keep yourself update with Lorex camera system, follow and keep a check on the updates released by Lorex support.


Being perfect to access login is not easy and facing some issues with the security camera setup and login processes is also common so you must not hesitate to ask for expert’s help if you face any issue with Lorex camera login.