How to Set Up the Lorex Home App for Seamless Home Surveillance?

How to Set Up the Lorex Home App for Seamless Home Surveillance

With Lorex advance home security device you can protect your family and surroundings. Lorex cameras are most convenient security devices for seamless home surveillance. If you want to know about the setup process and key benefits of the Lorex home app setup, then this blog and the instructions provide in here will be helpful.

Lorex home app setup and its unified feature benefits

  • For any security camera setup installing the home app is necessary similarly for Lorex camera setup installing the Lorex home login app is required. The Lorex home app is well-suited with iOS and Android. Get the app on your device from its app store.
  • Now you need to connect your camera to wifi network with the help of Lorex home app. firstly make sure your camera or its batteries are fully power charged. Charging procedure might take some time so utilize that time to be familiar with other requirements of the Lorex camera setup.
  • Also make sure to check the power points before directly plugging in your cameras because power fluctuation or bad socket can harm your camera. Now connect your camera to your home network or to your existing network with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • For further process you will be needed a Lorex cloud account and for that open your Lorex app. There will be create account or sign-up option, press it and enter the preliminary requirements. Choose and fill strong credentials for the sign up to boost the security of your account.
  • Next step will be to add cameras with the help of app login. With safe details login to your account and in the settings section of the app tap on add device or on this sign “+”. This sign will help adding your camera to Lorex cloud account. To add the camera, you need to scan the QR code or if you know the serial number of the camera then it can also be used.
  • Choose the camera from the list available device list and press enter. You have efficaciously connected your camera to the app. The next step will be to observe and alter the camera setting so you can use them consequently.
  • The camera configuration adjustment includes motion detection area, recording preference and remote access with notification options. These all settings can be altered in the App’s setting section.
  • Remote monitoring is the main feature of Lorex camera and you must check it first with the help of Lorex home app. For the efficient working of the cameras and app active internet connection is required only then you will be able to open the app and view the live footage. This will also be needed for receiving alerts and notifications.
  • To boost your security Lorex camera offers additional and advanced features like two-way communication feature, geofencing, integration with smart home devices (Alexa and Google). These additional features will made your accessing much smoother and reliable.