How To Set Up Lorex Camera On Android?

How To Set Up Lorex Camera On Android?

If you want to enhance the security measures of your place then Lorex security camera are the best options for this. You can straightforwardly be sure of on its superior performance and advanced technology-based features. Though its setup process is simple but you must be careful while executing it as it required all step-by-step execution. In this blog we will also let you know how you can easily do the Lorex home app setup on android and get the camera access.

  • Unveil the app store of your android device search Lorex home app and download it then install it.
  • If you already have the Lorex account then you can simply complete the login and if you are not having it then create it first.
  • You can create it with the help of app, open the app search for sign up or create account option, click and execute the formalities like providing an email address.
  • Then after providing the verification code or link form new unique login credentials and with the help of these newly built credentials comprehend the login.
  • Join your camera with the power outlet using power adapter. Switch on your camera and observe its LED indicators
  • Link your camera with wifi connection, before that make sure your home network is sturdy and stable.
  • Your camera and android device must be associated to the equivalent home network.
  • Open the app so you can both pair your camera with its home app and you can scan the camera code with your android device.
  • Manual pairing can also be done by inputting the camera series number in the field.
  • Execute and alter the camera settings like renaming your camera so that you can easily recognise it, enable the smart features like motion detection, sensors and notification alerts. You can customise the video quality and storage as well.
  • Check the camera feed with your android device, if you thing that postion of camera change can be helpful in getting clear and wide view then do it. Mount your camera carefully and ensuring the height and space that is required for it mounting.
  • Lorex camera app also provide advance security with 2FA authentication so that you can protect your account and camera access.
  • You must place it strategically to get its full coverage and potential.
  • Enable the security of features of your camera to enhance the security level.
  • Lorex home app also allows you to access your camera remotely and get the important notification anytime anywhere.

End thought

Just installing the security camera will not fulfil your requirement you need to adjust and alter the setting so that you can get best out of it and that too according to your surveillance needs. If you need any kind of assistance for Lorex camera then you can reach out to our professionally trained team, they will never say no if you have any query or need any help with your camera.