How to Change or Reset Your Lorex Camera Recorder's Account Password

How to Change or Reset Your Lorex Camera Recorder's Account Password

The integrity of any security system depends on the passwords. That is why when you buy a security surveillance thing you are advised to create or save a unique and strong passcode which is not only essential for the device but also important for your security. If you want to change or reset the recorders password for your Lorex camera then the tips provide in this blog will surely work for you, even when you forget recorder’s account password.

Interface access of the Recorder- Accessing the interface of the recorder is main a crucial part in order to reset or modifying the password. This step is also important for Lorex forget password. The things you need to be assured of are recorder must be properly linked to electricity and wifi network. You can link the network of recorder with smartphone or PC. Find the IP address of your recorder and open it on any web browser. You can find the IP address on Lorex app or manual.


Recorder login- With the help of IP address you will be able to login interface where you have to put the required details, you can use the default details also. You have to implement the reset if you have forgotten the password if you have changed it earlier. To get the settings you have to complete the login process.


Reset the password- If you don’t remember the password of your Lorex camera’s recorder then you have to reset it, by pressing the reset button located near the recorder’s rear, it is usually sunken so that unintentional pressing can be avoid and that is why you might need a sharp pin object which can help you to press it. 15 seconds will be required for the pressing of the button and wait after releasing it. You can use the default login details when the device gets started.


Password change – After the resetting you will gain the access of the recorder’s interface. In the settings you will find the account or users option click on then option will arise which will let you change the password. Choose account that is linked with particular username of your recorder. There will be an option of change password, by clicking on it you will proceed further. You have to enter the current default password and then the new one which you want to set. Choose the unique combination of words, numeric and special characters which can be easy as well. Save the settings and click on the apply to leave the process.


End thoughts 


By following these tips, you can easily perform the reset or modification of Lorex camera’s recorder’s password. For the security purpose we must suggest that you should keep your password safe in written, and modify it when it is necessary. But sometimes there can be technical and hardware issue as well and that can be solved only with the help of experts, if you find yourself in the same scenario then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.