How do I put my Lorex camera online?

How do I put my Lorex camera online?

Lorex advanced security system has been designed with latest technology to provide you the peace of mind. If you have purchased it and installed and it is showing the offline status then you need to figure out its cause first then how to get it back on online mode.

Causes and troubleshooting if you want to know why my Lorex camera is offline and how to get it back online.

Examine the power outlet and ethernet cable-

If there is fault in power outlet then it can create problem in camera functioning so check if there is any fault in power socket or with the adapter. Try replacing them after finding the fault, plug your adapter in other socket and make it must not be loose otherwise there can be short circuit which can damage both your camera and adapter. Sometimes there might be fault in adapter also so change it and fix the issue.

Check whether the ethernet cable is connected well with both camera and router properly. If there is any breakage then replace it with sound one to establish error free connection between the camera and router.

Error in connection-

Verify the network status, this can be major factor in offline status of camera because these security cameras cannot be accessed without wifi network. Also make sure that camera is in the range of your wifi router otherwise you can use wifi extender or move your camera near to the router to solve your problem. If there is a problem in internet connection then try to resolve it with the help of your service provider.

Verify the SSID and network settings-

Check whether the SSID name and password you had entered were correct or not. Your camera’s wifi network and the device you are using to access the camera must be the same. Verify that the settings of the router are not blocking the camera’s connection. Try altering the camera settings again to build up the connection again and for that consult your router’s manual to see whether firewall is not restricted MAC or IP address.

Firmware or app update-

Check if there is any firmware update available for the camera as firmware update can restricted the camera functioning, also check for the app update and update them with immediate effect to get your camera back on online mode.

Multiple device connection-

If there are too many devices connected to your wifi router then it can lead you in the trouble so first of all check how many devices are connected to your router as too many connections can contribute in this offline issue. Disconnect unnecessary device to get your camera back on working.

Disable the firewall and antivirus-

Try disabling firewall and antivirus as they can restrict camera from connecting to wifi. You can do it in the setting section and you can enable them temporarily once the camera gets back on online mode you can enable it but with a slight change in settings.

Reboot and Resetting-

Sometimes rebooting the device and solve the offline issue, if you are rebooting your device then don’t rush wait and then restart it. Similarly resetting the camera can also serve in your favour but it will delete all your manual setting that you have to do again. If this doesn’t work then try resetting your router.

End thoughts

These cause and troubleshooting can help you bring back your camera online but if these steps wont work then call the Lorex support team to resolve your offline issue.